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In 2012, I channelled my love of learning, teaching and helping people into fitness and became a certified personal trainer. While I was in it to help people feel strong, capable and confident, I personally felt the pressure to “look the part” of a fitness professional (i.e. lean with muscle definition). It would take me some years before I fully understood that fitness is not a “look” (or a number on a scale or BMI chart. . .). But at the time I believed I needed to be shredded, so maintaining a lean physique became my top priority--it was a job with no days off.

These days, I train for health, to feel good, for ease of movement and to extend the longevity of my independence as I age. I enjoy training and nourishing my body in a relaxed, non-fussy way that does not take up an extraordinary amount of time or energy.  Now I’m available to spend more time with my two teenagers, run a business I love, dismantle systems of oppression and--as an introvert--give myself enough solitude to thrive on. And I’m passionate about helping other people find the same balance!

If you’ve ever heard that “getting fit” requires punishing workouts that leave you feeling sore and depleted, take up tons of time or have to be about weight loss or trying to change your appearance, I’m here to provide a more reasonable and respectful alternative.  You can improve your strength, health and confidence without losing a single pound or making fitness your second career. Unless you are a serious athlete, you don’t need to make training and nutrition the focus of your life--you just need to bring your “good enough” effort to improve your health and create a movement practice that you enjoy. (I promise.)


My approach to fitness and nutrition coaching is HAES-informed and all about creating a plan that supports your life, not hijacks it. That way you can save your drive, commitment, and best efforts for the relationships, projects and activities that truly set your heart, mind and soul on fire.

Emiko Jaffe demonstrating a goblet squat exercise at home
Emiko Jaffe writing a customized strength training program

Would you like your fitness program to complement your life and not compete with it? 


  • Certified Personal Trainer, National Academy of Sports Medicine

  • FMS Movement Screen and Corrective Exercise Level 2 Certified, Functional Movement Systems

  • Certified Pain-Free Performance Specialist, Pain-Free Performance Specialist Certification

  • Level 1 Certified Nutrition Coach, Precision Nutrition

  • Bachelor of Arts, University of Southern California

  • CPR and AED Certified, American Heart Association​

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