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Virtual 1:1 personal training for active women over 50

As an active midlife woman (or aspiring to be!), you deserve a fitness program that understands and meets your unique needs.

One that considers both your strengths and limitations and protects you from injuries while also building upon your resilience, strength and stamina for the activities you enjoy now and want to keep enjoying well into the future. And you want to feel energized, confident and capable–ready to say YES to any adventure that piques your curiosity or sparks your passion. 


Emiko knows what it means to be an active older woman and helps me be the most fit version of myself. When I started training with Emiko,  I just wanted to keep up with my athletic husband and teenage girls on our family hikes and trips. I was also recovering from a back injury and wanted to get fit without injuring myself again. Today I feel stronger than ever before! Not only am I keeping up with my athletic family on challenging hikes, but we just went on a very active vacation touring Italy and I could fully enjoy the experience without running out of steam. I don’t just want to maintain my current strength and endurance, I’m motivated to keep increasing it as well!

--Adri T.

As an active woman over 50 myself, I understand how important all of these qualities are and I train for them as well.

I think of us as athletes training for the sport of “active midlifing”. And so your training needs to be specific and tailored to address all of your needs, from daily activities to beloved sports and hobbies. With intelligent programming and recovery strategies, nutritional guidance and sleep and stress management support coupled with live online workout coaching, you can perform at your best–maybe even better than you ever have before.


Midlife Fit starts at $960/month and includes:

  • 2-3 weekly private 1 hour virtual personal training sessions conducted over Zoom


  • A customized training program tailored just for you 


  • Evidence-based nutritional guidance to adequately fuel activity and recovery 


  • Sleep and stress management recommendations to support training


  • Unlimited email support between sessions

Are you ready to get Midlife Fit? 

I'm Emiko (she/her) - Certified Personal Trainer and Fellow Midlifer

I’m a late bloomer. I learned how to swim and joined a masters swim team at 25, started pole dancing at 37, became a fitness trainer at 41 and hired a sprint coach at 51. At various points I received compliments(?) that went something like “that’s really impressive for someone your age”. And I always found it weird.


Because my age has never had anything to do with why I was drawn to any these activities–that was all ME. The same curiosity and pursuit of fun that compelled me as a child to play tag with my friends or learn a new trick on the uneven bars at recess hasn’t gone anywhere. That 5 year old playful me still lives in this 52 year old body!

This is what I help you tap into. Whatever it is that gets you out of bed in the morning, that blissfully makes you lose track of time or makes you feel most alive is what we will create even more of in your life--and help you enjoy it for even longer--through fitness.

It’s never too late to bloom.

I've helped people who have never engaged with formal exercise before, executives who spend hours at their desk and in meetings, healthcare professionals who are on their feet all day, retired folks who want to remain active and former Division 1 athletes get fit and stay fit for the activities they want to enjoy now and well into the future.  


I’d love to help you make your midlife your best life, too.

51 yo woman posing on a fence on a hiking trail surrounded by lush greenery.


  • In a nutshell, how does this program work?
    Once you purchase and download the program, you can start right away with the Quick Start Guide or you can review the program first and create a schedule for your first 4 training sessions (I have included a guide that will step you through how to use the program). You will start by learning a 10 minute warm-up sequence that you will practice the first 2 weeks and for the rest of the program. Every 2 weeks going forward you will learn no more than 4 new exercises (video instruction is provided for all exercises) which you will continue to practice for the duration of the program. By the end of 8 weeks, you will be performing two 45 minute (or less) full body training sessions weekly. Any equipment you might need are household items (soup cans, a broom handle, low step, etc). The program is designed to be completed in 8 weeks, but you can move as quickly or slowly as feels right for you. More challenging versions of the exercises (also with video instruction) are included for most of the exercises when and if you feel ready to progress that exercise. Upon completion of the program, suggestions on how to continue or maintain progress are included. There are also 2 bonus programs (4 Week Strength Training Program and 4 Week Cardio-Strength Program) included for different fitness emphases that each build on the foundation you created with the 8 week Ease Into Movement and Strength program. Also included is an optional tutorial on how to perform cardio interval training for your fitness level and how to add it to your strength program.
  • I’ve never done strength training before, will this program be too challenging for me?
    I have designed Ease Into Movement and Strength at Home to be a gradual and gentle introduction to strength training. If you follow the recommended schedule provided (you can go slower or faster, whatever is appropriate for you), you will gradually prepare your body over 4 weeks before even starting the strength portion of the program (you will be working on improving movement quality and core stability during those first 4 weeks). I use these exercises with my private training clients who are new to strength training as well because they are relatively easy to learn and perform. As skill and strength increases, there are more challenging versions of the exercises suggested (with video instruction) when you are ready to try them.
  • I’ve done strength training before, but it’s been a while since I’ve been consistent with it. Will this program be too easy for me?
    If you’ve been away from strength training for a few months or you are new to it (training less than 6 months), this program will provide a safe and gradual reintroduction to strength training. It will also reinforce using correct form when performing the exercises. You will have access to instructional videos demonstrating more challenging versions of some of the exercises (direct links provided) when you’re ready to progress your program. There are also 2 bonus programs (4 Week Strength Training Program and 4 Week Cardio-Strength Program) included for a different fitness emphasis that each build on the foundation you created with the 8 week Ease Into Movement and Strength program.
  • What if I have injuries or physical limitations?
    It’s always a good idea to get clearance from your healthcare provider before starting this or any other fitness program. That said, this full body workout plan includes a variety exercises which involve getting up and down off of the floor, lying on the back, standing, kneeling and/or using the arms and legs for pressing or pushing movements. If pressing with your arms (as in a push up) is unavailable to you, for example, you could omit those types of exercises and focus on the other exercises that don’t use those movements. If you think you may need more than a few modifications, I recommend having a customized program designed specifically for your needs. I offer virtual 1:1 training and coaching if this feels like a better option for you.
  • Will I lose weight on this program?
    While changes in weight and body composition may occur as a result of changes in activity level, Ease Into Movement & Strength at home was created to increase fitness. A calorie deficit (diet) is required for weight loss to occur and pursuing this is counterproductive to the primary goals I help my clients achieve which require adequate nutrition to ensure sustained energy levels throughout the day, better sleep, decreases in stress and increases in physical capacity and/or increasing muscle mass and bone density.
  • What’s your return policy?
    I do not offer refunds on this digital product. All sales are final. If you still have questions or concerns about whether Ease Into Movement & Strength at Home may be right for you, please send me an email at before purchasing and I’ll be happy to assist you.
  • I'm interested in a private training, do you work with clients 1:1?
    Yes! If you would like to receive a customized program and private coaching, I offer virtual 1:1 personal training over Zoom. You can learn more and book a complimentary consultation here.

Trevia W.

I ended up paddling for a long time with no back pain! . . .and I was thinking ‘oh this is really working! The stuff I’m doing with Emiko is, like, really working!!' . . .having the ability to do an activity I love pain-free is such a great feeling.


Carolyn M.

Emiko is experienced, knowledgeable and can easily work within the parameters of my weaknesses and old injuries. In just 4 weeks, I grew stronger and experienced no pain or irritations. I  especially notice the difference in the strength of my core.


Mari V.

Emiko has helped me regain the stamina and strength for hiking I had 20 years ago. Before working with her, I was convinced that my weight was holding me back from achieving my goals. That belief was put to rest when I went on a hike that was WAY harder than the “moderate” trail I was preparing for, and I made it to the top!

Enjoy an even fuller life with fewer limits.


Are you ready to make midlife your best life?

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