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I am a fitness trainer, not a weight loss coach. While changes in weight and body composition may occur as a result of changes in activity levels and nutrition, my programs are created to increase fitness. A calorie deficit (diet) is required for weight loss to occur and pursuing this is counterproductive to the primary goals my clients have which require adequate nutrition to ensure sustained energy levels throughout the day, better sleep, decreases in stress and increases in physical capacity and/or increasing muscle mass and bone density. 


I offer general evidence-based nutritional guidance that falls within my scope of practice as a fitness trainer and nutrition coach. I am not a registered dietitian or licensed healthcare provider and so I cannot and do not prescribe diets or meal plans.


I believe that Black Lives Matter, Trans rights are human rights and that bodies of all shapes and sizes are worthy of respect and care.

9 women of diverse body shapes and sizes in fitness clothing smiling

Let's Work Together.

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