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I believe all bodies are worthy of respect and care. As someone who lives in a straight-sized, non-disabled, heterosexual, cisgender body, I understand that I benefit from unearned privileges and I prioritize the comfort of those who hold marginalized identities (based on race, sexual orientation, gender, abilities and body shape or size). 

I am committed to dismantling systems of oppression and I take full responsibility for my continuous education around issues of social justice. I won’t always get it right and I am grateful to the people who hold me accountable when I have done harm so that I can right the wrong when possible, learn and do better going forward.


Because weight stigma and diet culture are social justice issues that inform the work that I do, I do not work with clients seeking intentional weight loss. I take a weight-neutral, non-diet approach to fitness and support eating and exercising in ways that allow the body to feel and perform its best at any shape and size. 

My life and work are also influenced by my meditation, journaling and yoga practices. I am a sensitive, curious, introspective person who thrives on laughter and deep and meaningful conversations. I feel this is important for you to know because when you choose to work with a fitness--or any--professional, you are investing your valuable time and attention with that individual and the personality and values they bring. Fitness isn’t just about exercise and nutrition--it’s about connecting with your body and nurturing a healthy, satisfying relationship with it. I believe you will be best served doing this important work with someone who shares your values and will create a safe container for you to do it in.

9 women of diverse body shapes and sizes in fitness clothing smiling

Let's Work Together.

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