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An over 40 personal trainer smiling and encouraging her midlife client who is also smiling while pushing a sled on wheels over artificial turf  in an outdoor gym in San Diego, CA. Title on photo reads "Make Midlife Your Best Life. Virtual 1:1 fitness training for active women over 50"

Make Midlife Your Best Life.

Virtual 1:1 fitness training for active women over 50


Real Midlife Fitness is . . .

Taking fewer rest breaks and seeing more art when you visit the Louvre on your Paris vacation.


Enjoying the views and wildlife with your family on a hike and not falling behind on the trail.

Maintaining athleticism in your favorite sport while decreasing your injury risk.


Slowing down the effects of aging (and we’re talking way down) so that you get more life out of your years.

If you want real fitness that helps you enjoy an even fuller life with fewer limits, you’ve come to the right place.



In-person 1:1 training is coming soon to the Del Mar/Carmel Valley area. If you'd like to be notified when this option becomes available, you can join the waitlist  to receive updates:

Emiko a midlife women's fitness trainer posing on a fence on a walking trail surrounded by greenery.

Emiko Jaffe, San Diego Certified Personal Trainer and Fellow Midlifer

As a woman over 50 who has racked up a decent amount of mileage on my own body, I know how important it is to get stronger (while protecting old injuries and preventing new ones), increase stamina (without workouts that leave you feeling sore and exhausted), move with more suppleness (while relieving aches and stiffness) and have the option of expressing on the outside the youthful vibrant version of YOU that you feel on the inside.  

As our bodies and life priorities change in midlife, exercise is no longer a “nice to have”-- it’s a necessity to delay and even reverse the negative effects of aging which include bone, muscle and strength loss. But one-size-fits-all “busy work” workouts won’t cut it for us when it comes to maintaining and improving our health and fitness. Nope! For that, you need to follow a  thoughtfully and strategically designed program, ideally, tailor-made just for you with nutritional, sleep and stress management support.


I love helping women like you enjoy your favorite activities even more and for longer through fitness. 

smiling middle-aged woman wearing sunglasses paddleboarding with her partner.

Trevia W.

I ended up paddling for a long time with no back pain! . . .and I was thinking ‘oh this is really working! The stuff I’m doing with Emiko is, like, really working!! . . .having the ability to do an activity I love pain-free is such a great feeling.

Smiling woman with silver hair in her 60s with silver hair holding her beloved dog.

Carolyn M.

Emiko is experienced, knowledgeable and can easily work within the parameters of my weaknesses and old injuries. In just 4 weeks, I grew stronger and experienced no pain or irritations. I  especially notice the difference in the strength of my core.

Smiling 50 yo woman on the beach wearing a bright pink dress over her swim suit, sunglasses and fedora hat.

Christy G.

I cannot thank Emiko enough for helping me feel good about my body again, especially as a woman in midlife.  She has positively changed my views and opinions on this stage of life completely!  Because of her I have a healthy relationship with food and I actually ENJOY working out both at the gym and at home.




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