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Emiko Jaffe conducting a live online fitness training session with client


Fitness without diet culture. 


Your bespoke fitness program starts here. Through a thorough intake, I learn about you and your fitness goals.


Get all of the fitness with none of the judgement, shame and punishment that is inflicted by diet culture.


 I design a program that addresses any movement quality issues while also increasing strength, stamina and skill where your body is ready for the challenge. 

Fitness as self-care. Movement that motivates.

You can feel good and get stronger without making fitness your life’s project. I can help you cultivate a training practice that allows you to worry less about your workouts and focus more on the people and experiences that matter most to you. 


Bring your curious, open mind to our sessions and I’ll provide guidance, structure and support to help you reach your just right fitness goals. 


Let’s create a fitness plan that complements your vibrant life, not competes with it.

I also offer a pre-written beginning strength training program that you can download instantly. Click the button below to learn more:

Emiko Jaffe sitting on a stability ball in the living room


There was a time when “maintaining my body” was my main priority in life. Scarcely a moment went by when I wasn’t thinking about or planning my next meal or workout. This took so much of my time, energy and attention that I had little left (and what was left was low quality) to invest in the stuff that really mattered to me like my family, my work and my well being.

So despite being a personal trainer and nutrition coach, I learned how to let go of and step away from the endless body project, stop dieting and overtraining, and let fitness and nutrition be something that supports my life, instead of something that defines it. Now I’m passionate about helping other people do the same thing. Health and fitness habits are empowering and important, but they shouldn’t be the boss of you.


Trevia W.

I ended up paddling for a long time with no back pain! . . .and I was thinking ‘oh this is really working! The stuff I’m doing with Emiko is, like, really working!! . . .having the ability to do an activity I love pain-free is such a great feeling.


Carolyn M.

Emiko is experienced, knowledgeable and can easily work within the parameters of my weaknesses and old injuries. In just 4 weeks, I grew stronger and experienced no pain or irritations. I  especially notice the difference in the strength of my core.


Christy G.

I cannot thank Emiko enough for helping me feel good about my body again, especially as a woman in midlife.  She has positively changed my views and opinions on this stage of life completely!  Because of her I have a healthy relationship with food and I actually ENJOY working out both at the gym and at home.




At least one Sunday a month, I’ll deliver a message straight to your inbox offering encouragement, sharing something I recently learned or expressing what’s on my mind. And from time to time, I will let you know about services and products I offer or remind you that you can hire me to be your weight-neutral, non-diet fitness and nutrition coach. 

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