- Christy G.

"Emiko is a phenomenal personal trainer and coach on many levels!  Her knowledge and passion for fitness are incredible and so are her valuable insights into life in general. She is very patient, caring, thoughtful and nonjudgmental. She takes an interest in me as a person and it shows in the programs she creates for me and MY needs.  She does so much more than just supervise my workouts and give me nutrition advice--she truly makes it personal.


I cannot thank Emiko enough for helping me feel good about my body again, especially as a woman in midlife.  She has positively changed my views and opinions on this stage of life completely!  Because of her I have a healthy relationship with food and I actually ENJOY working out both at the gym and at home.


I would highly recommend Emiko to any woman who is serious about taking better care of herself and living a healthy lifestyle inside and out. Hiring her to train me was one of the best decisions I have EVER made!"

"I have been working with Emiko Jaffe of Phases Fitness for the past 2 months.  I have to say I have never met a more committed, empathetic female personal trainer before.


Emiko's focus is on creating the best midlife fitness possible for women in peri and post-menopause to help them navigate their changing bodies. Her background is in women's fitness and nutrition coaching so she has the perfect combination of tools to make us look and feel our best.  Creating muscle instead of fat during this period is crucial to maintaining a healthy state and with her thorough diagnostic equipment in your first consultation she assesses where alignment, balance and posture issues may be a problem as we age.  I've learned so much from her!


She works out of a very clean, private, personal coaching gym (San Diego Personal Training) so there is absolutely no feeling of uneasiness working out in a crowded gym.  Her guidance on nutrition has been invaluable - she is not about dieting or restriction.  She teaches you to learn new habits, one at a time, which makes it easy to adjust to a new way of eating and thinking about food.


I cannot say enough about my experience and results in working with Emiko - she stays in touch in between workouts and has always been there to answer any questions or just have a chat about my journey.  Ladies, this is an age range that is so important yet has been sorely left out of the fitness industry in my opinion.  I am so happy that I found Emiko!"

- Anetta P.

Rosie Biceps far.jpg

- Rosie H.

"As someone who doesn’t like to workout—but who also wants to be fit—I was having a hard time getting started on an exercise routine and frankly I didn't even know where to begin.


Working with Emiko changed the way I think about exercise. I used to think that “working on my core” just meant “trying to get a six pack”. But once my core got stronger, I also noticed that my back pain was gone! I used to think that I had to go long and hard for exercise to make a difference, but what my body ended up responding to was a handful of specific exercises done slow and steady.


Emiko was able to motivate me and she used approaches that worked for me. If I hit a slump, she found a way to help me out of it. The best part? Within 2 weeks, I was already seeing changes in my before and after pics!


Thank you Emiko for a foundation I will always use!"