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Overeating is a Natural Response to Undereating

It happens when you get busy and miss a meal. It also happens when you intentionally limit the quantity or type of food you eat. Your body is finely-tuned to perceive any change in energy availability and seeks to restore it when it gets low. Even a small drop in energy intake can increase your drive to seek out food and eat past fullness. 

This is how your body protects you. Unchecked restriction would ultimately lead to malnutrition and starvation. Eating when you’re hungry and stopping when you’re satisfied is one way to prevent overeating. Another way is to remove restrictions around what you allow yourself to eat (unless it’s for medical reasons like allergies or celiac disease).

Overeating occasionally is normal and perfectly fine (sometimes having more than enough of a phenomenal dish is well worth it!). Your body will adjust your hunger and satiety cues accordingly. 

But if you’re eating past comfort regularly AND you’re also constantly thinking about food, feeling hungry most of the time and/or feeling anxious around certain foods, restriction is most likely the cause. If this is the case for you, get curious about what and why you may be restricting and consider whether you are ready, able and willing to let go of those limitations in exchange for more peace and freedom around food.

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