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"Forbidden Foods" Lose Their Power Over You When You No Longer Forbid Them

At first, you may overeat these foods (this is to be expected if you have been restricting them), but eventually your body and mind will trust that this food is readily available and there’s no need to hoard it or eat it with intense urgency.  You may even get bored of this food that you once found so enticing and feared you could never stop eating once you started. 

The challenging part isn’t just allowing the food—it’s allowing that food UNCONDITIONALLY.  Telling yourself that you will allow yourself to eat as much of X food “just this one time” is still restrictive. Also, rebelling against your own food rules occasionally may seem empowering at first glance (this could result in a binge), but it is still a reaction much like obedience is to the food rules you have imposed upon yourself. I’m proposing that you abolish the rules and free yourself entirely of any power they could possibly have over you.   

You can start today. Lift the restrictive and exhausting food ban that you are the most sick and tired of obeying.

If you are intrigued, but don’t feel ready to give up the food ban just yet, you can still make progress toward food freedom. Start by asking yourself what you gain by having this restriction (if you weren’t getting something out of it, you wouldn’t be holding on to it) and then ask yourself what this restriction is costing you to have it. When you reach the point where the cost outweighs the benefit for you, revisit this post (bookmark it now for easy access) and see if it inspires you to take further action. 

Abolishing your own food rules can feel like a radical act, but that doesn’t mean you have to make big sweeping changes overnight. Start where you are and take just one step in the direction you want to go. That’s how every epic journey begins. 

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