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How to Set Yourself Up for Fitness Success in 3 Short Days

A free 3-day mini course on how to choose a weight-neutral fitness program that is meaningful, reasonable and sustainable for you. 


You’re feeling inspired to start exercising because you want to move with more ease, efficiency and enjoyment. But mainstream fitness is out here trying to convince us that fitness only counts if it’s grueling and/or focused on pursuing intentional weight loss.


And, no, you don’t “fail” when you ditch a program that pressures you to “go hard or go home”-- that’s just a totally reasonable response to an unreasonable demand.

You don’t have to settle for fitness as usual. 

In this FREE 3-day course delivered your email inbox, you will learn how to:

  • Define what fitness means for you (not diet culture)

  • Reclaim time for your fitness practice 

  • Choose an exercise program that lines up with your values, schedule and feel good fitness goals  

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